Wednesday, February 9, 2011

New Downloads for My Digital Studio - Word Play Stamp Brush Set

Tuesday has become my favorite day of the week! On Tuesdays new digital downloads are available from Stampin' Up! It is almost as exciting as Christmas, and close to the excitement of the new catalog logging on to see if Stampin' Up! has new downloads available and what they are. This week had several new downloads, including the Word Play stamp brush set. I was excited about this download because the actual stamp set has been on my wishlist for a while now (those darn mini's keep having sets that jump the line ;)), but when I actually downloaded it and started playing with it I was even more excited! Each "stamp" is actually 3! One is the entire image and the other two get layered together so you can use more than one color! Here's a sample of all the stamps that are available:After playing with it for a little while, I have a few tips to make it easier to add to your projects. I found it easier to line up & resize if you first add the whole image to your project.

Next, resize and place your image.
After adding, resizing, and placing your whole image, add one of the layers and recolor. (I chose the same color as my background so part of it does not show up in the picture)
Move the first layer to the top of the whole stamp and using the whole stamp as a guide resize and move so they line up. (A little sliver of the bottom seems to poke out no matter how close the placement seems to be, but that's okay because you will eventually delete the whole stamp)
Repeat the last step with the second layer. (Add, recolor, resize, and move into place)
After resizing the image, select and move it back so the whole image is on top. Then select the whole image and delete it. If you delete the wrong image, just click undo and try again. It sometimes helps to click off the image so nothing is selected and try selecting again.
I was so excited to see the stamps in parts so they could be colored differently. If you have any questions, let me know and I will do my best to answer them. Enjoy the new downloads!


  1. Jodi, this is one of the most exciting things!!!! I can't wait to play with this. Thanks for the short tutorial!

  2. This is fantastic! Thank you for the great tutorial!



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